Yoga Lily Studio Bungee Fitness

What is FLY?

Yoga Lily Studio's FLY Bungee Fitness classes blend together aerobics, kickboxing elements and calisthenics while in a harnessed apparatus. Our Bungee cords are divided into 4 weight classes (see below) to assure buoyancy and safety. Go ahead and jump! 


All clients must pre-pay prior to class.

bFLY (60 min)

Single Flyer - $65

Group Fly (2-3 pp) - $40 per person

**Sessions are by appointment only

Questions? Ask us!



Feel the burn and the lift in our Bungee Fitness class, bFLY. This class has a little of everything- anti-gravity movements, push-ups, squats, jumps and dives. Learn basic safety and maneuvers.  Might as well jump! 


Bungee Fitness

We will not accept coupons, discounts, Groupons/ Valpaks/ LS, trial offers, 

memberships, or deals of any kind to book a ANY FLY sessions.


What Should I wear?

We encourage FLY students to wear comfortable workout gear that allows hip movement. We highly recommend bottoms that are knee length or longer.  The harness is tightly secured around your hips, waist and groin.

What Should I bring?

A water bottle and socks and equally as important, a sense of humor and an adventurous spirit!

Who can participate?​

Our FLY fitness program is open to anyone age 15+. 

Teens that are 15 -17 years old must have a one-time waiver signed by a legal guardian. We take this very seriously, so you should anticipate being carded every time (School ID / License /Permit). 

Liability Waivers

All clients must sign a waiver in order to participate.

Weight Classes

Our Bungee cords are divided into 4 weight classes (see below) to assure buoyancy and safety. The studio will email and call clients 24-48 hours prior to arrival to confirm each client's weight class. Feel free to simply share your weight class number (i.e. #1, #4) as opposed to your actual weight. A weight class confirmation is required in order to participate.

 Weight Class 1: 100 lbs. - 160 lbs.

 Weight Class 2:  160 lbs. - 200 lbs.

 Weight Class 3:  200 - 220 lbs.

I want to drop-in

Yoga Lily does not permit drop-in's for our FLY fitness classes. Instead we

require an appointment, pre-registration and pre-payment. You may book an appointment by emailing the studio. yogalilystudio@gmail.com 


Why? We must have ALL weight classes confirmed at least 3 hours prior to arrival. 

My 10-14 year old wants in. Can I sign them up?

No, we cannot accommodate any teens or children under the age of 15.  Why? So many reasons! To name only a few- the size of the harnesses, the length of the bungee cords, our weight classes, the pressure placed on a main artery in the pelvic area, and the inherent danger of falling forward (i.e. broken nose). Instead check out our Beginner Aerial, every Saturday @ 1pm.

Before Class

For your first class please arrive 10-15 minutes early. In general, for the best experience, arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class start time.  Please notify the studio of your weight class as soon as you register. We suggest students do not eat right before class (i.e. vomiting, stomach ache, dizziness, harness pressure) and consider eating lighter fare the day of class.

After Class

No matter your level of fitness expect to be sore after the first few classes. Bungee requires us to use muscles differently. Some students may experience light bruising on areas of the body that feel pressure or have direct with the harness. Be sure to drink lots of water and stretch afterwards.

Health Considerations​

Bungee is not appropriate for women that are or might be pregnant. Bungee is not appropriate for students with vertigo, high blood pressure, hypertension, open wounds, broken bones or fractures that are healing, glaucoma, hernia, surgical implants heart problems, and orthopedic devices.