All sales are final

No Groupon extensions

One New Client special per person

We accept cash and credit card only

No refunds, exchanges or extensions.


No late arrivals, arrive 5-10 minutes early.

All yoga class cancellations require a 3 hour notice to retain credit. All Aerial Yoga class cancellations require a 5 hour notice to retain credit.


No yoga emergencies - be kind  &

check your attitude at the door.

All class purchases expire after 6 months - announced July 2018. 

Thank you for an amazing summer 2020 semester.!  We enjoyed providing pay your own rate yoga classes during this difficult time in our community.  We announced July 2020, that ALL paused studio credit, expired September 1st, 2020. Namaste.

We ask that members kindly respect and follow our policies and pricing. 


Personal Training 3 pack

Aerial Yoga, Aerial Partner Yoga,

& Lyra (Aerial Hoop) sessions

*use of studio equipment


Yoga Lily Studio Hours

Yoga Lily Studio is only open for classes. 

Phone calls and emails are returned within 24-48 hours.

Yoga Lily Studio Class Semesters

Yoga Lily Studio's schedule is divided into four semesters each year; winter, spring, summer and fall. While we have many mainstay classes on our schedule, our offerings, class hours, teachers and programming changes with each season.

Phone / Emails / Inquiries / Questions

We respond to all inquiries; phone or email, generally within 24-48 hours. The best way to reach the studio is through email. You will most likely get a quicker response.

Our phone is located in the studio and is set to silent. It is important to maintain a peaceful environment for all students. Teachers do not answer or return calls, calls are returned when a front desk team member or volunteer is available - which is generally within 24-48 hours. 

Class Schedule

We are currently offering personal training for Aerial Yoga and Lyra. As well as semi-private Aerial Yoga and Lyra sessions due to Covid-19.

I am not receiving a newsletter

If you have subscribed to our newsletter, check and adjust your security / spam settings in your email.  Once your settings are adjusted to receive email from us our newsletter will be sent directly to your main inbox.

Access Studio Schedule

No current schedule. Due to Covid-19 all group​ sessions have been cancelled until Spring 2021.


New to yoga

Welcome, we feel incredibly special that you are considering Yoga Lily Studio to begin your journey into yoga!  Yoga is about coming together as a community & therefore is truly for everyone; every body, shape, fitness ability & age.  We service an eclectic group of students whose needs span body, mind & soul. Our motto is to take what you need and leave the rest.  While all of our mat classes are accessible to all levels, we suggest Hatha Yoga, Restorative Serenity, Gentle Flow and Gentle Sunrise to begin. Please arrive a few minutes early to class to discuss your needs & concerns with an instructor.  If you would like help being placed in the proper class for your needs please contact the studio via email -

Drop-In Policy

We  are a drop-in friendly studio. Yoga Lily understands whims, busy schedules, and not knowing what the day will bring.   Please understand we can not guarantee; entry into the studio, that class is running, a mat space, or late admittance. For safety purposes doors are often locked shortly after class begins. For the best experience arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class. First come, first served.

Front Desk Hours

The Front Desk is open during scheduled classes.

Please see class instructor or a member of the front desk team for check-in, payments or questions.  All memberships & drop-in's can be purchased online through your YL account. 

What should I wear and bring?

We advise all of our clients to wear comfortable fitness clothing, bring a water bottle, and a mat. For our heated classes consider bringing a towel, to place on your mat (to prevent slippage) or to wipe away sweat.  We have mats in the studio, for your use, free of charge. Yoga Lily happily supplies props; bolsters, straps, blankets, and weights for all of our clients to use. We encourage clients to leave valuables & jewelry at home.

Where do I put my things when I arrive?

We have a large wire rack when you first enter the studio for shoes & large duffel bags. In the studio itself there are several cubbies available for clients to use to store items. 

Do you have changing rooms and showers?

No, but we do have a single bathroom that is large enough to change in.


Please park in the parking lot. Do not leave valuables, children or animals in your vehicle. People will take notice. Do not park in the back of the building or in the side driveway (right side). If you park on the side or in the back expect to be towed at your expense. We wish we could prevent this from happening but we can not. 


While in the studio please refrain from; swearing, talking on the phone, chewing gum, and making lewd remarks or gestures.  Respect forms all boundaries. It is our expectation that our instructors and front desk will be treated with the utmost respect.  Clients that use foul language and/ or abuse our instructors and volunteers will be ejected from the studio, with no refunds, and any memberships revoked. Our front desk staff is comprised of volunteers - some of which are teens. They will always try their best to help you but sometimes complicated issues will arise. In that case it is best to email the studio so we can address your issues/concerns/questions


Please put your phone on silent and away after entering the studio. We understand that sometimes you must take a call. In that case, inform the instructor and place your phone by your mat on silent. Quietly and quickly remove yourself from class to answer your call in our waiting area. Quietly re-enter class when ready.  


Smile you are on camera.

Cameras are located in the interior & on the exterior of the building. Please leave your valuables at home. Yoga Lily Studio is not responsible for your belongings on-site or in your vehicle. Our Lost & Found is located on first floor. We store our security footage for up 90+ days. We respect client privacy.


Our General Studio Classes Permit  Ages 15+ 

Please go over our conduct section with your teen. You may create an account at any time. A parent/ guardian must accompany the teen to the front desk for their first visit. We need a parent/guardian present to sign all necessary waivers in person. If you are dropping your teen off please remember to pick them up in a timely fashion.  Instructors and front desk volunteers will not be expected to wait with students for rides, remain open for rides, confirm parent pick-up, provide rides, or cab fare.  Please email the studio with emergencies.

Semi-Private Group Session for Youth Under Age 15

Please click link - scroll to group, off-site and aerial pricing.

I want to bring my small children, OK?

At Yoga Lily we strive to create a peaceful, safe and welcoming environment to begin or deepen your practice. We appreciate the importance of introducing youth to yoga & practicing as a family. With that being said, we generally do not permit children under fifteen to practice alongside the adult studio population. The front desk is not available to babysit and we do not offer an on-site daycare facility. 


Schedule Access / APP

We have gone digital & therefore do not carry paper schedules in studio. Instead we utilize the Mindbody APP. What is so great about the APP??  It is user friendly. You can view the schedule in real time, book a class, cancel a registration, make purchases (drop-in & memberships), forego the front desk almost altogether. 

Registering for classes online

Clients can register for all of our classes through our website, Mind Body or the Yoga Lily APP.  Clients are welcome to drop in to all classes & pay upon arrival (cash/CC).

I want to register for class but I am having trouble....

If you are having technical difficulties please contact the studio with your registration request. We appreciate knowing if our system is down. Sometimes our host runs updates or something is amiss. We will try our best to place you in the class you requested - as long as it is not full. When you arrive we are more than happy to help you create an account, access our app, or give light tech support. 

Membership Extension / Pause Requests

We reserve extensions and membership pauses for major medical issues (surgery, broken bones, Dr's orders, medical complications). Please provide a detailed Dr's note with your request. Prior to returning to YL please contact us to apply your extension.  We generally apply a standard two week extension for all class packs and all groupons.  Please send requests to

Coupons / Specials

Yoga Lily Studio accepts one new client special per client

Four Step Groupon Process

Click link

I have multiple Groupons, Coupons OK?

We accept only one Groupon / Coupon / Special per new client.  

Groupon / Valpak / Yelp clearly outline this policy on our pages.

All refund requests should be made through Groupon / Yelp.

My Groupon / Valpak expires soon...or my Groupon / Valpak expired

That's OK,  Please contact the studio. 



Unfortunately, we can not guarantee late arrival admittance into class.  Often times the front door is locked when class is in session. This is for the safety of our participants. If the studio door is unlocked we will allow late arrival up to 10 minutes into class. Again, this is for your safety. Many of our classes complete their warm up within ten minutes of start time. 

Q. I am late & the door is unlocked. What do I do?

A. Please do not go directly upstairs into the studio instead stop at the front desk.  Why?  We need to know who is in the building/studio or the class could be full.  Once we give you the green light, quietly enter and set up in the back, warm up, join the flow. 

Q. I am late & class is cancelled!???

A. We cancel classes with zero registered participants and no drop-in's at class start time.  

-'But I registered!' 

If we have a registered client we wait for 5 minutes after start time for you to arrive. Then we assume you are not able to come class.  

-I'm a late arrival drop- in, class was on the schedule a few hours ago & now it's cancelled!

We had no idea you were coming to class today.  


Studio Class Cancellations

We are so bummed when we have to cancel a class. A class is cancelled when we can not find an instructor to cover the time slot or we have limited registered participants. When the studio cancels the class all registered participants retain class credit and are notified via phone and/ or email

Class Credit Cancellation Policy

All pre-registered mat classes must be cancelled at least 3 hours prior to class start time to retain your class credit. You may cancel through your Yoga Lily account.

All pre-registered Aerial Yoga classes must be cancelled by email at least 5 hours prior to class start time to retain class credit. You may cancel up to 24 hours in advance through your Yoga Lily account.

Let It Snow

Yoga Lily Studio is located in Trumbull, CT. The studio follows

the Trumbull Public School cancellation schedule (WICC / WTNH).

Please keep in mind our instructors are scattered all over 

Fairfield & New Haven County. Weather conditions can vary widely.

Subs / 'pop-up classes'

We truly dislike cancelling classes. Just like us, instructors take vacations, get sick & have private emergencies. We strongly encourage our instructors to continue to train, expand their yoga knowledge, take sabbaticals & step back from the studio if their schedule dramatically shifts.  During these times we try our best to place an appropriate sub to cover absences. An appropriate sub is someone that has the knowledge and experience to instruct the class scheduled. Our network of teachers is vast but not everyone has availability when we need it. If we can not find an appropriate sub we will create a 'pop-up class'. The theme of classes will vary based on sub availability. The regularly scheduled class will be back soon.  All registered students will be notified of the 'pop-up class' via phone and email.


Aerial Classes

Please see Aerial Class Policies under the Aerial tab above.

Holiday Hours

Easter Weekend Closed:

Friday, April 10th - Monday, April 13th

Mother's Day, Sunday May 10th - Closed


Memorial Day Weekend Closed:

Friday PM, May 22nd - Monday, May 25th

Father's Day, Sunday, June 21st - Closed 

Fourth of July Closed:

Friday July 3rd - Monday July 6th

Labor Day Weekend Closed:

Friday PM, September, 4th - Monday, September 7th

Columbus Day Weekend Closed:

Friday PM, October 9th - Monday, October 12th

Halloween (Oct 31st) - PM Closed 

Thanksgiving Holiday Closed:

Wednesday, November 25th - Monday, November 30th

St. Nick's Day, Sunday, December 6th - Closed

Christmas Holiday Studio Shutdown:

Saturday, December 19th 2020 - Monday, January, 4th 2021