Heather Parrott

Resident Teacher

Aerial Teacher

Although yoga had been a casual part of her life for years, Heather didn’t begin regularly practicing until 2016, when the stress of beginning grad school and increased responsibilities at work became overwhelming for her. She turned to multiple styles of yoga as a way to manage stress and have fun while exercising. Her passion for aerial yoga began when a friend took her to her first class in a small studio outside of Philadelphia, PA. Heather approaches every class with a playful attitude and a belief that fitness should be fun. She aims to help every student find joy in their practice and to learn more about themselves. She regularly takes classes with other instructors to grow in her own practice of aerial, as well as power and vinyasa style yoga. 


Heather began working in healthcare in 2008 as a pediatric nurse and nurse leader. She is a board certified pediatric nurse and holds a Master’s degree in Nursing Informatics from American Sentinel University. She currently works full time as a nurse consultant for the construction and renovation department of Yale New Haven Health. In her spare time, Heather enjoys playing games and spending time with family and friends. She lives in Trumbull with her husband and two cats.