Congratulations to all who participated in our March 2019 Training!

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Taught by Alyssa Konda, Kate Fons, & Andrea Metcalf

Reaching Treetops Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Program began in 2010. After attending many different aerial yoga events and trainings, we noticed very few trainings actually taught teachers how to teach a well-defined and structured class. Reaching Treetops has successfully taught many people the beauty of becoming an aerial yoga teacher. Reaching Treetops yoga continues to develop our teaching program; offering classes, workshops and teacher trainings at the studio in Waukesha, Wisconsin and at various remote locations.  


Join instructors Alyssa Konda (Reaching Treetops owner), Kate Fons (teacher extraordinaire), Andrea Metcalf (powerhouse aerialist) & Kelly Paige (Yoga Lily Studio owner) for an intensive, fast paced, weekend training.

You will learn beginning-level aerial yoga techniques including:

  • Opening warm-up sequences on the Aerial yoga hammock

  • How to sequence a class

  • Beginning level tricks and flips

  • Safe rigging techniques

  • Spotting techniques

  • What to watch for with clients of varying abilities

  • Sun Salutations

  • Hip openers

  • Deep stretches

  • Forward and back inversions

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Back bends and stretches

  • Deep relaxation techniques

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Training Schedule

Meet and Greet

Friday, March 1st, (5-8 PM)
Take an hour-long class with one of the trainers and discuss the trainer’s and trainee's expectations.

Training Day 1

Saturday, March 2nd,  (9 AM- 7 PM)

Morning begins with an hour-long class by a different trainer then proceeds to cover detailed instructions on how to teach an aerial yoga class.

Training Day 2

Sunday, March 3rd, (8 AM- 1 PM)
Morning starts with taking another hour-long class by another trainer then proceeds with the trainees teaching parts of classes to each other

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is an invitation to rethink yoga and your fitness regimen. Our hammock silk classes are playful fusion of yoga and the circus arts. Yoga Lily instructors use a fun mixture of pose and basic hammock tricks to invite students to reconnect with their bodies, heal and recharge. 

Our Aerial Fitness offerings include Beginner Aerial, Aerial Level Up and Aerial Workshops.

Yoga Lily Studio Aerial Yoga Group


Applicants do not need any prior experience but need to come with an open mind and willingness to learn. 

It is mandatory for graduation that you attend all sessions 

No make-up sessions, refunds or credits will be given for absences


What's Included:

Please note that we offer a “Certificate of Completion” upon meeting the requirements. We are not certified by any governing body and therefore cannot give you or call our training a “Certification” course. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and information to safely and successfully offer aerial yoga classes as part of your program of personal practice.