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It's time to recommit to the basics and continue our study of Aparigraha (non-attachment) together by welcoming the love and energy of the season with open arms. All of our offerings; Aerial Yoga, pay-what-you-can Yoga, Virtual Sessions, Life Coaching, and more are an invitation to center, heal and grow.

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Vern Montoute



Yoga Lily Studio is my silver lining. I took my rain clouds and turned them into a never-ending sunny day. I have never been paid for my services, instead my family makes YL possible by donating thousands each month in yoga and services.


Being the change by holding space for healing and growth continues to heal me....what's your why?  Be the change you want to see in the world.

All of our mat-based Yoga classes

are donation based,



Yoga Lily Studio



90-Day Transformation 

Time to take the next step? Ready to manifest BIG?  In need of a sounding board and a non-judgmental partner in crime? YL's 90-day transformation clears the path for clients to achieve the life they envision.

What exactly is Life Coaching?  Life Coaching may not be what you think.  It is not therapy or consulting! In a Life Coaching session we dive into the here and now to pull back the layers to reveal obstacles in your way to achieving your goals.

How do we do this?  I truly believe that YOU are whole and ALL your answers are within.  Answers are hidden behind negativity, habits, old beliefs and fears. We work together to expand your self-awareness, conquer goals, build confidence, and grow.

Our 3-month Life Coaching Package.  Book your complimentary 30-minute Introductory Session today!

Package Includes:

~ One complimentary 30 min Introductory Session

~ Goal, vision and personality assessment

~ Three, 60 min ZOOM or phone sessions per contractual month

~ One hour of weekly email or text support

~ Goal support and goal tracking

$199 per month, plus tax, auto-debit



Women's Serenity Yoga

Vern Montoute, Mondays at 6 pm

This is an empowering, beginner-friendly yoga class for all women. It incorporates positive affirmations to help students feel beautiful, strong, and confident in their skin. Women only. All Levels / Beginner Friendly / Mat-Based Yoga

Vinyasa Flow

Kellie Rosati, Wednesdays at 5 pm

Students should expect a class whe3re the asanas are linked together in a smooth sequence of movement. The class will emphasize the connection of that movement to the breath. All Levels / Beginner Friendly/ Mat-Based Yoga

Rhythmic Soul

Tonaysia Cohen, Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

This is a playful yoga session designed to enhance and redevelop your divine femininity. Students can expect to feel sexy, empowered, and reconnected to all parts of their body. All levels welcomeMat-Based Yoga

Pranayama Flow

Vern Montoute, Thursdays at 7:30 pm

Students should expect a class where the asanas are linked together in a smooth sequence of movement. The class will emphasize the connection of that movement to the breath. All Levels / Beginner Friendly/ Mat-Based Yoga

Essential Yin

Tonaysia Cohen and Vern Montoute, Fridays at 7 pm

Unwind with this Yin focused class designed to help you relax fully and deeply into your body, one breath at a time. It incorporates the use of essential oils to further your soothing, zen experience.  All Levels / Beginner Friendly/ Mat-Based Yoga

Click the link below for our Aerial Yoga schedule in Shelton and Bridgeport:

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Aerial Yoga Lily Studio


-Six class session ~ $150

- Six week hammock rental ~ $25

- Hammock deposit ~ $50 

Hammock deposits are

returned at the end of

the session


*Students may purchase a

hammock from YL or bring their own.  We will not tie hammocks in class!  All students may roll the value of their class packs into the cost.  

Aerial Yoga Lily Studio