Aerial Yoga is an invitation to rethink yoga and your fitness regimen. Our silk hammock classes are a playful fusion of yoga and the circus arts. Yoga Lily instructors use a fun mixture of pose and basic hammock tricks to invite students to reconnect with their bodies,

heal and recharge.

We are closed due to Covid-19, Thank you for

a wonderful fall semester!

Aerial Yoga

Body Benefits

Come explore the body benefits of Aerial Yoga!

- Inversions offer spinal decompression

- *Relief for back spasms, scoliosis and disc pain

- *Relief for general chronic back and neck pain

- *Regain balance after injury or stroke

- *Anti-gravity limits pressure on joints and injuries

- *A pain-free stretch of hip, knee and other injuries

- *A deep stretch for hip and knee replacements

- Improve range of motion

- Stress relief

- Relieve chronic body pain

- Enhances flexibility

- Tones and strengthens

- Go at your own pace, inversions are optional

- Stay fit and have fun while burning calories.

Beginner Aerial

Private virtual Beginner Aerial is fun, safe & open to all. Join us to learn the basics with one foot on the ground and easy inversion skill building. Use our hammocks as a prop to build confidence, deepen your practice, stretch and lengthen.

*Pre-Requisite - None

Advanced Beginner Aerial

Private virtual Advanced Beginner Aerial is an invitation to gently continue your Aerial Yoga journey. Students use the hammock as the ultimate yoga prop to alleviate chronic pain, stress and tension. Continue to slowly develop aerial confidence with inversions, gentle hip openers, balance and pose. 


**Pre-Requisite: Minimum 3 Beginner Aerial classes or comparable experience.

Aerial Level Up

Private virtual Aerial Level up will have you will literally flip for this class. The backbends, trust falls and light inversion skills learned in Beginner Aerial pay off in Level Up as you take flight.

***Pre-Requisite - 3 Beginner Aerial classes, comparable experience

or Beginner Aerial Workshop.