Wendy Zhu

Resident Teacher

Wendy Zhu is a certified yoga /Qigong /TaiChi teacher, Reiki master, and a holistic health coach.  Wendy was interested in healing at very young age. Although she received her MD degree at age twenty-two in China, she never limited herself to one dimensional treatment . On the road of searching for healing, She has met many healers and learned to integrate the knowledge into her daily life.  A 200-RYT graduate of the 2010 WHY Power Yoga Teacher Training Program,  Wendyhas explored many different paths , including Restorative Therapeutic Yoga, Bikram, Ashtanga , Yin and Kripalu .


Wendy’s classes are a blend of gentle & power yoga, therapeutic yoga, Qigong, meditation, and mindfully breathing, a therapy for mind, body, and spirit.